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Mr Leadbeater, you asked me to start writing the story of Freaky Realistic. It got the wheels turning.

Two years later while held prisoner in some dark municipal dungeon, I received a call from Mr Reed. Cherry Red would be rereleasing Frealism.

It's magic time.

The wheels of industry ground on. The new dark overlords of all music, Universal, had given their permission to open the vaults and disclose the files and masters until now kept secret. Gatrell, McKinney and Puddefoot were disturbed at it's contents but felt it an important lesson and cautionary tale in Wannabe-Pop history and the arrogance, ignorance and innocence of Youth for any young pretenders to the throne. Justin Anderson, June 2010

Buy Frealism (Reissue) from:

Cherry Pop CRPOP61 released 16/08/2010 on CD

Comment Tim Hendrix - 02/11/2021 07:57

If anyone wants lyrics email me [email protected]

Or buy any version of the album, even the cassette had lyrics

Comment Wayne Hammerton - 13/12/2020 10:39

Just simply cannot find the lyrics anywhere?

Comment Stev - 30/12/2014 03:31

I loved this album when I heard it in 93 but I'm in Oz and can't download the mp3 version from Amazon UK :( Spewin

Comment roders - 19/01/2013 18:13

Just been listening to the original lp. Bliss. What a master piece. Thank you you freaky realistic beauties