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Freaky Realistic were, and still are, the best band that England has ever produced. They were based in Peckham, South London, England, and created an album of the highest critical acclaim.

Notable contributors include:

In 1990 Justin, Aki, and Michael were unknowns. In 1991 they had produced a demo tape. In 1992 a couple of promo CDs appeared, but the band had yet to grab the public's eye. In 1993 they released four sucessful singles and an album to critical acclaim. "Frealism" was almost a year overdue and sold at the special "Freaky Price" of five pounds, except in Our Price where it was £13.99.

A fight took place on the 8th of November, 1993 between Justin and MPL. Aki and Justin appeared on stage that night, but the band never recovered; the cosmic love vibes had lasted only two years.

News > Frealism
Frealism has finally been re-issued on CD after a 17 year hiatus. The new version features a remixed design (less pink, more yellow) and includes bonus tracks Big Picture and Freaky Blue, originally the B sides to the Leonard Nimoy single. ...

Downloads > The Other Side - Unreleased Tracks
Download 11 songs

Frealism Heard this? > Frealism (Reissue)
Mr Leadbeater, you asked me to start writing the story of Freaky Realistic. It got the wheels turning. Two years later while held prisoner in some dark municipal dungeon, I received a call from Mr Reed. Cherry Red would be rereleasing ...